PT. Fillattice Indah Industry is pioneering in Indonesia, with the first spandex yarn production investment

PT. Fillattice Indah Industry is pioneering in Indonesia, with the first spandex yarn production investment. Based on the “all Italian” technology of manufacturing elastomeric fibre, the Linel® brand will be now produced in this new strategic country, whereas Linel® has been on the branded spandex international scene for more then 40 years.

The new company’s strategy will enhance the continuous technological research and the cooperation with the supply chain to optimize its products in the new manufacturing facility in Tangerang, Indonesia.

Linel® spandex yarn is a polyurethane-based elastomeric synthetic fiber that achieved world quality recognition over the past four decades. The start-up of the new Indonesian manufacturing plant on May 2014 marks a new step in the positioning of the Linel® brand in the ASEAN region.

Constant technology research, development of cooperation, Customer care, as well as important investments in R&D, in modern advertising, in professional organization: some of the best ingredients to strengthen the Linel® spandex product reputation over the years.


LinelĀ® is the one and only Italian elastomeric fibre (spandex)


PT. Fillattice Indah Industry is focused on the production of LinelĀ® HD spandex, Heavy-Deniers elastomeric fibre